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Fatmawaty Umar


The Dictrict of Buton has been well known since 13 lh century; the real buton is mentioned in Negara Kertagama Codex I Scrip along with other distticts such as Luwu, Selayar bantayan and Makasssar. Various archaeological data such as fortresses and ceramics show that Buton has an important role in its relationship with other districts. Around its 16 lh century, Buton have marked its existence. When Islamic influence began to spread in Buton region, many sectors especially commerce began to grow. The existence of Buton as an empire was strengthened by the presence of a number of fortresses which reflected the increasing of economics, exploiting of space, and technology progress. Besides these facts buton still hold ancestor-tradition retvist i.e. ceremony the Tuturangi: to commermorate war event, which its main purpose is, self retrospection and remembering the service of emperors. Hance, this study will discuss etnoarchaeological aspects in the effort to comprehend reconstruction of the way of livings of old societies.

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Umar, F. (1). UPACARA TUTURANGI DI BUTON, SULAWESITENGGARA: IMPLEMENTASI DIMENSI SOSIAL DAN KULTURAL. Naditira Widya, 1(2), 173-188. https://doi.org/10.24832/nw.v1i1.342


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